Entitlements & Infrastructure

Master Studies

Master Drainage Study complete
Master Traffic Study complete
Master Water and Sewer study complete

Foreign Trade Zone
FTZ #89 allows firms to bring foreign goods or raw materials for manufacturing and/or assembling into the United States without formal customs entry or payment of customs duties and government excise taxes until products leave the zone

Apex Overlay
The Apex Overlay is an amendment to Title 17 of the North Las Vegas Zoning code that allows the Mountain View Industrial Park to stand out from other industrial land in the Las Vegas Valley.

Amendments to Title 17 that give MVIP a competitive advantage:
Reduced or no landscaping required
Rural road standards
Flexible zoning code which allow uses typically not allowed in the City limits
Reduced screening and parking requirements
Support commercial and retail uses allowed
Most industrial uses are approved uses which means NO planning submittal and NO public hearing


• 138 kV power available to site
• 480V 3 phase power on site (12.47 kV)

• Municipal water on-site
• 1.2 million gallon storage tank
• Fire pumps able to supply 6,000 gpm of fire suppression water

• Septic tank and leach field
• Package plant under design for Phase II
• Municipal service

• Letter of understanding from UPRR
• Access to UPRR upon approval